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CBR Theory Exam

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You are halfway through your CBR Theory Exam. To ensure you get the best practice you require, we have developed free practice tests that are equivalent to the actual test. Our questions are in match with the CBR theory exam. Our CBR Theory Exam practice tests follow the same scoring method utilised by the Dutch Central Office of Driving (CBR). This will boost your confidence as you attempt the actual test.

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Our 13 CBR Theory Exam practice tests focus on driving aspects covered in the official Driver’s guidebook. These inputs will assist your preparation for official test by which you can easily pass the exam. Driver’s guidebook is available online for your reference.

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Our tests require unlocking premium plans to access special interesting pictorial flashcards consisting of driving related Q&As which are easy to recall.

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Questions are framed in a manner equivalent to the actual CBR Theory Exam

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In Netherlands, CBR (Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheid)- Central office of Driving Certification holds responsible for organising driving exams for all motor vehicles including cars, scooters, motorbikes, and trucks.

For any type of driving licence, you seek or apply in Netherlands whether car or truck our tests are absolutely suitable for you, as our questions are derived exactly from the original driver’s Guidebook questions encompassing all topics.

Are you anxious about clearing the CBR Theory exam? Attempt our interactive practice tests until you are confident. We guarantee you will succeed in the 1st attempt as we provide you with the relevant driving knowledge based on the official syllabus.

Type Of Test

About the CBR Theory test Practice

Our website gives you an opportunity to practice ample tests related to specific required topics covered in CBR theory test. These tests are simple and practical. We have included three sections as per the categories such as: Car Theory Test, Bike Theory Test and Truck Theory Test. Each test consists of multiple-choice questions on traffic rules, traffic safety and others. The purpose of our test is to increase your chances of passing the CBR theory test.

You need to purchase the premium plan to learn more about Hazard perception, Driving Knowledge and Traffic signs and signals, vehicle knowledge, using the road, and so on. Our premium plans are programmed for 30 days and 90 days. The advantage of unlocking our premium package gives you access to in-depth information. There are hidden flashcards to enable your preparation.

Mock Theory Test

Number of Questions and Topics covered in the CBR Driving License Theory Test

  • Hazard Perception – 25 Questions
  • Traffic Rules- 30 Questions
  • Understanding of Traffic- 10 Questions

Basic Requirements

Minimum Age required to attempt the CBR Theory Exam is 16 years.

You are required to pass the driving license theory test for the purpose of attempting the practical test.

Before the theory exam you are required to keep in hand a certificate of fitness (VvG) for proof of Physical and psychological fitness to drive a vehicle. You can claim VvG from your municipality centre.

The official test is available in 2 languages such as Dutch or English. This test duration is 45 minutes. There are 20 driving theory exam centres in Netherlands. You can go to whichever centre is nearby you. There is a timer set in for each section which you need to manage. The Theory Exam is computerised, and you are expected to be present before time at the exam hall atleast 15 minutes in advance. Remember to carry along your ID proof and your reservation number.

The practical test duration is 55 minutes, and you can book the slot through Driving school. They will make the necessary arrangements for the test. Mention if you require an interpreter.

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